neon soul

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about this work:

neon soul is an exploration of self-worth and strength. I think there is turning point in everyone’s life where they realize their own potential and this is piece is an attempt illustrate that moment. I spent a long time trying to find my artistic voice and I tried a lot of different things but once I found it, things started moving so fast. I felt so much energy and channelled it into my music.

Alexandra Elle is an author, wellness consultant, and creative living in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and two daughters. In her pre-teen years, writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing. Many years later, Alex’s voice and words are being shared poetically in the form of self-love. Her passion for storytelling, poetry, and narrative writing are infused with life lessons, self-celebration, and building community through literature & language. In addition, Alex also hosts the hey, girl. podcast, publishes photography & essays on her online journal Another Sunday, and teaches workshops centered around self-care across the United States.

-author’s website

Neon Soul © 2017 by Alexandra Elle, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing. Used by permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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