Owen McGee
Leah Soderstrom
Sarah Ford
Tore DeLaney
Al Vitucci
Simran Sachdev
Malachi Hurndon
Rondale Gray
Bobby Voss
Will Olson

Production Team:

Director: Kristin L. Schoenback 
Asst. Dir: Daniel Brandt
Composer: Cristian Larios
Movement: John Tovar
Scenic Design: Kim Lartz
Lighting Design: Erica Lauren Maholmes
Costume Design: Nicole Rae Kippen
Sound design: Angelina Throckmartin

In the spring of 2017, MFA Student at Illinois State, Kristin Schoenback approached me about writing music for her production of Oedipus. Throughout this adaptation by Ellen McLaughlin the chorus plays an integral role in the story telling. Through the music, we tried to convey the chorus’ suffering. They were so moved by their pain that it was transcended into song.

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