in this house

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Instrumentation: SSAATTBB chorus + speakers
Duration: 5’14”
Poet: Cristian Larios with other text from Know Your Rights presentation by the Chicago Legal Protection Fund


about this work:

In 2017 I was able to work with The Resurrection Project in Chicago, a community based organization. They provide a variety of services to the Pilsen community , a primarily Latinx neighborhood, including education and resources for immigrants. Throughout my time with TRP, I worked heavilty with community navigators who traveled throughout Chicago to spread information regarding immigration.

in this house is for those affected by the current rhetoric surrounding immigration, especially those in the latine community. So often we are degraded by politicians and attacked verbally and physically. Not the mention the mistreatment from ICE officials and facilities. The piece aims to highlight the internal trauma and constant fear undocumented immigrants face daily. in this house also serves as a reminder, that undocumented immigrants are human people who deserve grace and love. Refugees and immigrants leave their countries for various reasons, usually out of their control.


If you are detained by ICE:
1) Remain Silent
2) You have the right to not sign anything
3) You have the right to call an attorney or emergency contact
4) You have the right to call your consulate
5) You have the right to find out your Alien Number

Todos tenemos estos derechos

If ICE comes to your home, do not open the door
You are NOT required to open the door unless ICE has a warrant signed by a judge
Ask them to show you the warrant – Slide it under your door or hold it up to the window
IF THEY TRY TO FORCE THE DOOR OPEN Write down the agents’ badge numbers and vehicles’ license plate numbers

– from Know and Exercise Your Rights presentation by Chicago Legal Protection Fund Community Navigator Fund
this house was built dreams

and fears and hope and the unknown

this house was built on tradition and love and food

in this house we harbor “druglords, rapist, illegals, and aliens”
in this house we harbor tias, primos, and hermanas
in this house we harbor innovators, workers, and dreamers

dios te bendiga

-Cristian Larios

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